We Use Play Based Learning

Blanket Policy Of Placement Guarantee

Memere’s & Granddad and Robyn’s Nest Daycare operate a Guaranteed Placement Service, which means that we guarantee your child’s placement when you place them in our daycare for the agreed days in your contract from the minimum of three days to the max of 5 days. Agreed contractile fees are to be paid regardless of reasons unless a major illness or accident requiring hospitalization. When taking holidays the same weeks as we shutdown you do not pay for service. But holidays taken any other times fall under the Blanket Policy Of Guarantee Placement.


    Our daycare rates for childcare are $37 per day for single child families and $65.00 per day for a family of two children to a maximum of 10 hours. If you require care outside the normal hours of operation (please review after hour policies), special arrangements may be made if we are able to accommodate you, there may be an additional charge of $5 per day.

Please pick your child up no later than your contracted pick up time. While we understand that emergencies do happen and parents will need to be late on occasion, late fees will be charged for each occurrence and are due when fee are due. Late fees will be $5- $20 per fifteen-minutes (or any part of) past the contracted pick up time.( Continued late pick-ups may result in the termination of this contract.)

Emergency Procedures

    All parents will fill out an emergency consent form prior to starting home childcare.  In all cases, the needs of the children will be placed first and foremost to ensure their health, safety and well being while in our care.  Parents will be notified as soon as reasonably possible should their child require emergency medical treatment.  The first priority will be to attend to the needs of the child.

Releasing Child to Unknown Person

    We will NOT release your child to anyone unknown to us unless the parent/guardian of the child informs us prior to release.  We may request photo identification of the person.  It is also very important that we are aware of any child custody issues so we can respond appropriately.

We will also require being notified if an alternate person is picking up your child even if we know who they are unless we have made previous arrangements.

Disease  Policy

    If a child is not able to participate in the daily routine of our program due to communicable disease, then the child should be at home or at alternative care until they are well. If we feel a child too sick to participate in the daily routine or may have a communicable disease, then we will notify the parent/guardian to come and take the child home.  In cases where we cannot locate the parent, we will call the emergency contact to negotiate procedure for alternate care.  In all cases, the welfare of all the children in our daycare is the first consideration.

We ask that children not come to daycare if they have any of the following




•Pink eye, or redness of the eye that hasn’t been checked by a doctor

•Unexplained swelling (particularly of the face or head or feet) that has not been checked by a doctor.

•-Hand/Foot and Mouth 


•-Head lice (Unless treatment has been performed)

•-Contagious diseases (i.e. chicken pox)

•-If you feel your child is ill and needs to see a doctor

•-If your child has been prescribed an antibiotic they cannot return to daycare until they have been on the antibiotic for 24 hours.

Payment will be required in full whether or not your child attends. If both Diane & Robyn have a serious illness or contagious disease, we will close the daycare for the necessary time and payment is not required for this closure. 

Administration of Medication

    If at all possible, please administer any medication to your child prior to arriving or following pick up from daycare.  When this is not possible, we will administer prescription medication to your child when the prescription medication is in the original container and is clearly labeled with your child’s name, dosage, times to be administered, name of the physician and instructions for administration. We will administer over the counter medication as required when supplied by the parent.

Snack and Lunch Routine

    We offer nutritious snacks and lunch each day based on Canada’s Food Guide.  Please let us know if your child has any dietary restrictions.  (We will not provide formula or baby food.)  Although there may be minor time fluctuations, snacks will be served at 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and lunch at 12:00 p.m. 

Guiding Self-Discipline

    Children need to feel cared for, loved and respected.  We will always treat your child in such a manner.  We will use the following guidelines when providing care for your child. 

We will use positive behaviour techniques based on the child’s age and level of development, (examples: redirection, distraction, removal of object or child etc.).

we will use praise and reassurance when a child is demonstrating appropriate behaviour.

We will use natural and realistic consequences for actions and behaviour

We will encourage children to problem solve by giving them choices.

We will redirect unacceptable behaviour, we will reinforce the behaviour as being unacceptable, not the child.

Outdoor Play Policy

    We will have outdoor playtime most days as a very important part of our childcare program.  Outdoor play while fun for the children also provides exercise and fresh air.  A few important notes are as follows:

Please dress your child appropriately for the weather conditions.

We will make a judgment call as to whether we will play outdoors for reasons of inclement weather or if other problems arise.

  We also request a sun hat and bathing suit be left at the daycare during the summer months.

Rest Time Procedures and Routines

    Infants are put down for their afternoon nap at 1:00pm. Younger children do not have to sleep but are encouraged to rest in their sleeping bags so other children are not disturbed. Older children (4 and older) are given books to read while they are resting in their sleeping bags.


    Memere & Granddad and Robyn’s Nest Home Daycare schedules two, one week holiday shutdowns each year usually in early August and during the Christmas break. If you wish to take the same weeks off you will not be charged for our service. Any subsequent vacation weeks taken must be paid in full the Friday of the week before your vacation. Hein’s in according to our Blanket Guaranteed Placement Policy.

Statutory Holidays/Other Absences

    Our daycare will be closed for all statutory holidays and no payment is required.

There will be no charge to the parents/guardians when we are unable to provide childcare due to illness, appointments, etc. We ask that all parents have a back-up childcare plan should we be unavailable to care for your child. 

Roles & Responsibilities

We, the home childcare providers, shall…

Provide a receipt for payment of childcare fees at the end of the calendar year or on termination of there contract, whichever comes first.

Provide quality, stimulating, and age-appropriate, supervised care.

Provide a safe and enriching environment.

Provide two snacks and lunch based on Canada’s Food Guide.  (I will not provide infant food or infant formula.)

Provide a variety of activities (active and quiet; indoor and outdoor, etc.)

Provide a quiet space for the rest time appropriate to the child’s age.

Use television in an educational manner.

Provide individual attention to all children.

Communicate the child’s day, development, issues, etc. to the parents.

Guide the child’s development and behaviour through positive interactions.

Notify parents as soon as possible if we are unable to provide care.

You, the parent(s)/guardian(s), shall…

Arrive on time, or notify me of change regarding arrival and departure as soon as possible. 

Pay for childcare and extra fees as set out in this contract.

Pay for, vacation days and sick days as set out in this contract.

Be responsible for your child’s care in the event of illness. 

Arrange for alternate care in the event that we are unable to provide care.

Provide a complete change of seasonally appropriate clothing for your child as well as seasonal items such as boots, mittens, hats, slippers, sweaters, bathing suit, sunscreen etc.

Provide diapers, baby wipes, infant food and formula as needed for your child.

Inform me of any events that may affect the child’s health and well being.

Complete and keep all forms up to date. 

Read, understand and agree to all the policies and procedures as set out in this contract.

Always CALL when you are going to be late dropping off or picking up your child

Teachers Placement Guarantee Rate Policy

Memere & Granddad Home Daycare & Robyn’s Nest Home Daycare has adopted the fallowing teacher school summer shutdown rate policy to best address the issue of securing teachers placement within our daycare for the month of July& Aug and of every calendar year forward. Our policy is based on research of the majority of Southern Ontario Daycares. Both A and B choices are methods that many daycares have adopted and are designed to hold your placement and compensate Memere & Granddad Home Daycare or  Robyn s Nest Daycare.

Teacher will have two choices:

(A) – For July and August of any calendar year forward payment of one half of there weekly rate to hold there placement for the weeks from calendar start to calendar finish of school shutdowns. Post-dated cheques for the weeks from calendar start to calendar finish of school shutdown are to be submitted on the date of the beginning of the calendar school summer shutdown.

(B) – For July and Aug of any calendar year forward pay a calculated amount of one half there weekly rate then divided by the number of weeks minus the scheduled school summer shutdown weeks. This amount is then added to their weekly payment of daycare services

Example – Mary’s week of childcare cost is (BASED ON YOUR WEEKLY CHILD CARE COST) EXAMPLE $185.00 divide by 2 = $92.50.

                   The $92.50 X 8 week summer school shutdown=$740

          Then $740.00 divided by 44 weeks (Week in the year minus the summer shutdown) = $16.81

                   The $16.81 is paid weekly during the 44 weeks of the year

If the teachers (parents) choice A or B our service is open to them if they wish to drop their children off for any number of pre scheduled days of the school summer shutdown. Cost is subtracted form your pre paid post dated cheques . Once you use up your banked or post dated amounts, regular half day or full day rates apply.

If you the client (teacher) cannot adopt either of A or B method from this policy they will lose there placement and be placed on a waiting list for Sept.

Please Choice From ( A________B_______) or have you name added to a waiting list


Payment of fees are preferred in cash but cheque with Pay To The Order BLANK are excepted. Payment is due on the last day of care for that week, unless alternate arrangements are agreed upon.  Payments not received by the specified time will be assessed a $10 a day late fee. 

Deposit & Space Requirements

A non-refundable deposit of $  185.00      , is required to put this agreement/contract into effect. The deposit shall be paid on the signing of this contact agreement. The deposit is strictly for covering administration cost and does not apply to daycare fees when children leave the daycare.

Termination of Contract

Parents must give 30 days courtesy and 2 paying weeks notice of their child leaving Memere’s & Granddad Home Daycare and Robyn’s Nest Home Daycare. If notice is not given, payment for 2 weeks will be charged. If 2 weeks charge is not received their deposit will be lost and the 2 weeks charge will be subject to a judgment. Childcare services will be subject to termination if payment is not received by five days after payment is due. If your child’s behaviour threatens the physical and/or emotional well being of, another child daycare service may be immediately terminated. Payment by the parent/guardian is due for the notice period regardless of whether or not the child is brought to the daycare for care. No vacation days may be taken once notice is given to terminate daycare service.

We reserve the right to terminate the contract immediately without notice for non-payment of fees.  In the alternative, we may terminate care of your child until all arrears are paid in full.

Failure by us to enforce one or more terms of the contract does not waive my right to enforce any other terms of the contract.